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2021-12-24 02:09:29 By : Mr. Tony Lau

If you've lived in one place for long enough, it's likely you've accumulated a lot of stuff—without carving out places to, well, place it all. The kitchen cabinets may be overflowing with unorganized spice jars, the pantry home to bulk flour and sugar that's just sitting in their namesake bags, and the drawers stuffed with single-purpose tools. It's time to do something about all this mess.   

Whether all your pantry organizers are currently in use or you simply aren't yet aware of the products that'll rein in all that clutter, you'll find something useful from Amazon. It has a slew of pantry organizers that are guaranteed to tackle any kitchen chaos. Keep scrolling for 25 must-have pantry organizers that'll tidy up even the messiest of kitchens—all for under $25.

These storage containers, which come in four different sizes, can keep sugar, flour, cereal, pasta, coffee, tea, and spices fresher for longer. The set's slim and stackable design will give any pantry or shelf a stylish edge. Plus, there's an attached spoon for scooping out your stuff.    

"I love these canisters!" one five-star reviewer shares. "They are sturdy, can be opened and closed one handed, close and latch easily, and the attached spoons are adorable and useful. I purchased another type of canister before this—the lids didn't match up easily and it took both hands to latch the canisters, but these don't have any of those irritating issues. I ordered a second set of these and threw out my other canisters." 

To buy: $20 (originally $30); amazon.com

These stackable metal baskets can be moved around and reconfigured easily thanks to the attached handles. Use them to store fresh fruit out in the open, or move them under the sink to house cleaning supplies. 

"Ordered these to hold my vegetables out of sight in my pantry," one five-star reviewer says. "They fit perfectly on my shelf and are not bulky. I have some zucchini and cucumbers in one and a small bag of potatoes and squash in the other. It gets more items off my counter so it doesn't look so cluttered."

To buy: $25 (originally $33); amazon.com

These white drawers are slim enough to slip in a narrow cabinet or squeeze into the corner of a pantry. You'll gain more space no matter where you put the unit: Its two tiers are sizable enough to house spice jars and staples like mustard and peanut butter.  

"Great for storing my dish towels, reusable napkins, and sponges as well as oven mitts for easy access," one shopper shares. "Our kitchen is designed in a way that I only have two drawers for storage so I needed something with sliding drawer capability for my kitchen linens. I appreciate the sliding drawers and how you can take a good amount on them with the height space provided. Definitely thankful to have it to help keep me organized!"

To buy: $25 (originally $30); amazon.com

These plastic storage organizers, designed with built-in carry handles, are 10 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 3 inches high. The clear bins maximize space and keep pantry items in sight. Use them on countertops, pantry shelves, or even in the fridge or freezer.  

"I used them for my pantry organization for bottles and bits and what a difference!" one shopper says. "I'm definitely going to buy more for my fridge—they hold more than I thought."

To buy: $23 with coupon (originally $25); amazon.com

Easily organize long boxes in the pantry or cabinet with this popular stand. The shelves are adjustable to fit boxes of all sizes and shapes, and the unit is complete with steel wires and non-slip feet to keep it in place. Plus, it snaps together in one minute—no extraneous tools required.  

"I ordered one, thinking I'd need two, but wow it holds a lot," one five-star reviewer says. "Having the shelf to stack my paper products vertically has really saved me space in the pantry."

Stock these durable storage baskets side by side in kitchen cabinets, the pantry, or on closet shelves to store dry goods, baking supplies, snack bags, boxed foods, and more. When they're not in use, the bins can nest together. 

"The storage baskets were as described and worked beautifully for organizing my pantry," one shopper writes. "They also feel very sturdy, like they will last a long time."

Don't have room for extra bins and shelves? Repurpose the space behind a door instead with these over-the-door hanging organizers. Each set has 15 clear pockets, which can hang without any hardware needed. The pockets are big enough to store everything from spices and dry goods to condiments.

"I no longer have to rummage through a bin to find items like muffin mix, chili seasonings, and other small package items because they're hanging in clear view right at my finger tips," one shopper shares. "I can also see how many of the items I currently have which prevents buying more. So glad I ordered this!"

To buy: $15 (originally $20); amazon.com

Set these organizer bins in the fridge, freezer, pantry, or straight on the countertop. They can accommodate fruits, vegetables, yogurts, canned goods, and even cheese and meat. The practical size helps maximize space, and they can be stacked on top of one another to save even more space.  

"These beautiful containers are a must have for anyone trying to organize any space," one shopper says. "They are the perfect size and easy to clean. I have bought four sets!"

To buy: $21 with coupon (originally $22); amazon.com

Take advantage of all the cabinet space you're not using with these shelving organizers. Place one rack on top of the other (or store them side by side) to stack everything from dishes to dried goods. The U-shaped legs are designed to avoid slipping, so nothing should fall and break. 

"The reason I picked this shelf vs the hundred of other similar ones was for the added railing," one five-star reviewer explains. "This makes it so items don't fall off the edge. I am very happy with it and my under sink organization looks much cleaner."

To buy: $25 (originally $30); amazon.com

Store up to 36 cans of various sizes with this rack. Made from heavy-gauge steel, the rack is sturdy, strong, and complete with adjustable plastic dividers to keep cans in place. 

"I was looking to organize my pantry shelves in my garage and found this product to be very helpful in giving me additional space on the shelves and providing me with a neat, useful solution to a messy, often teetering problem," a five-star reviewer shares. 

To buy: $25 (originally $33); amazon.com

Don't have any counter or shelf space for another item? No problem: Just mount this sturdy steel basket to the wall and fill it with just about anything, including vegetables, pantry items, snacks, spice bottles, cookbooks, and tools.  

"Works great in my kitchen," one shopper says. "They are made well and do the job of organizing my stuff on the wall."

Run out of space to store your trove of pans? This heavy-duty pan rack should do the trick. It adjusts to fit everything from cast iron pans to griddles and lids and is built to hold up to five pieces total depending on their sizes. It can be stored upright or placed on its side.

"I've purchased several of these pan organizers in several styles/brands/materials and let me tell you this is the deal," one shopper says. "You won't find a sturdier one or an easier one to assemble. It fits even the biggest of pots."

Stick these minimalist shelves in cabinets to create more space. You can extend or contract them slightly—they can get as long as 14 inches and as short as 12.5. 

"Best thing I ever purchased for my kitchen cabinets!" one five-star reviewer says. "These shelves are very sturdy and they can either nest under each other a little or not at all depending on your needs. They go a long way in improving the organization of your cabinet and making things easy to get to without having to pull out half of everything in the cabinet first." 

To buy: $18 (originally $20); amazon.com

Food storage containers no longer have to exist in extreme chaos thanks to this lid organizer. It holds round and square container lids up to 9 inches long and has adjustable dividers. Plus, it's small enough to fit in a drawer or cabinet.

"This is a great caddy for all of those maverick Tupperware lids that disappear like socks in a laundry room," one shopper says. "I was able to fit quite a few into it. It comes with five separators to cordon off different sizes/shapes of lids and consolidate two or three previous lids bins into this one."

Use these stackable metal shelves to store everything from plates and mugs to pans and pantry items. And when they're not being used, simply fold them up and tuck them away.

"I just ordered two sets of these and they transformed my pantry in the blink of an eye," one shopper says. "They are high enough to accommodate noodles and grains and durable enough to hold any assortment of vinegars and cans. I ordered two sets and plan on buying more for the rest of my kitchen."

To buy: $16 (originally $20); amazon.com

Sling this unobtrusive organizer over the back of a door or a cabinet or mount it against a wall. The organizer has the capacity for cutting boards, baking sheets, and boxes of plastic wrap and tinfoil. 

"I moved from a home with a large kitchen to a home with a very small one, so had to figure out how to be efficient with my space," one shopper shares. "This over-the-cupboard rack holds all of my kitchen baggies, foil, and plastic wrap. I have it arranged so that the baggies come right through the rack so I don't need to take the box out each time. Perfect solution!"

To buy: $15 (originally $20); amazon.com

These chic clear drawers can be used individually or stacked on top of one another to save space on countertops and in kitchen cabinets. Fill them with coffee pods, tea bags, snack bars, spice packets, and even sponges and dishwashing gloves. 

"Love how sturdy the containers are," one five-star reviewer says. "They look small but they are pretty deep and can fit a lot of stuff. Perfect for organizing your bathroom counter, under the sinks, in the closet, kitchen, and even laundry room. Loving the material and the clear, clean style."

These wire shelves keep essentials in your eyeline and neatly stored. The solid metal construction is finished off with a white coating, so it should blend into most kitchen decor. Simply hook the organizer below a shelf for easy installation; it can even be tucked in the fridge or freezer to maximize space there.

"I was tired of a messy cabinet and not enough shelving space. The baskets are a must for getting organized!" one shopper says. "They fold open and the back slips in so easily. I will be ordering more for all my cabinet space."

This 12-inch lazy Susan turntable is the perfect solution for messy kitchen cabinets, fridges, under-the-sink areas, and even the bathroom. The non-skid surface guarantees that nothing will slide off, and the raised rim prevents anything from tumbling while it spins.   

"This turned a mess of a cabinet into an organized cabinet," one five-star reviewer says. "We use a lot of spices and it was always a nightmare to find the right one. Now I just spin to find what I want. It's a nice height and allows for different size bottles to be placed on the racks." 

To buy: $12 (originally $13); amazon.com

Water bottles will no longer be strewn about in cabinets once you set up this three-shelf organizer. It's adjustable to fit bottles of all sizes and complete with ridged bottoms that help keep everything stable.   

"This organizer is amazing," one five-star reviewer says. "I always kept our surplus of water bottles in the small cabinet above our sink. Every time I took one out, three more would fall out. I am so glad I found this. It took 20 seconds to put together and forced me to purge some bottles I've been hoarding for far too long."

Keep long-box kitchen items stored in this three-tiered kitchen organizer. The small organizer is slim enough to slip under the sink and out of sight and can hold up to seven boxes at once. 

"Exactly what my pantry needed," one shopper says. "It is sturdy and doesn't flip over and it has enough space for all of my rolls of wraps."

Cereal will actually stay crunchy and fresh in these storage containers thanks to the four-sided locking lids that keep out air and moisture. They come with a four-piece measuring spoon set and a chalkboard label, allowing you to mark what's in each container. 

"Love these storage containers," one five-star shopper says. "They seal well and are large enough to pour a whole box of cereal and keep things organized. We want to order more as we love them so much!"

Place all the spices and bottles hiding in high cabinets in this slide-out rack. The steel ball bearings ensure smooth sliding—even under heavy loads—and the durable tray keeps items stable. One tray is large enough to hold 10 traditional-sized spice jars. 

"I have a 5-inch cabinet and I had to take out all my spices to get to the one I needed. It is the perfect height, width, and length. It was super easy to install, is heavy duty, and holds lots of bottles of spices," one shopper writes. 

To buy: $23 (originally $35); amazon.com

Dry goods will stay fresh and safe in these food storage containers with airtight lids. The set includes seven containers in four different sizes that can hold anything from beans and flour to rice and pet food. 

"These are absolutely what I wanted," one shopper says. "They bring my organization game up a few notches. It is a space-saver and makes it easier for my daughter to have access. Will definitely buy more."

This mesh two-tiered organizer can either be mounted on the wall or placed freely on a counter. Each shelf is sturdy enough to bear 4 pounds of spices, dry goods, cleaning supplies, or other light items. 

"I live in a small condo that has limited space in just about any area you can think of. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this spice rack. It's cleared up so much space in my small cabinet and organized it nicely," one five-star reviewer says.